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About My Claim Link

My Claim Link is an internet based claim reporting solution, developed for insurers, brokers, accident management companies and end users. The system allows the user to report a claim 24/7 365 days a year at their convenience. The interactive claim form has been developed from a study of major insurers’ key incident claim questions and will guide the user through the key information that is required to submit the claim for processing.

Key Features:-

  • Guided Online Claim Reporting Solution
  • The Ability To Submit Documents Online
  • If The User Doesn’t Have All Of The Required Information To Hand, They Have The Option Of Storing The Information They Have Started, To Be Completed At A Later Date 
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Bespoke Branded Solutions
  • An Option To Draw A Diagram To Show The Incident Circumstances

My Claim Link is not restricted to a laptop or PC, its’ service can be accessed using any internet enabled device. A mobile version of the service will include additional features such as:-

  • Helpful Advice For The Client To Provide A Guide Of What To Do In The Event Of An Accident
  • A Guided Notes Section To Enable The Client To Record Important Information At The Accident Scene Using Their Mobile Phone
  • The Ability To Upload Images Relating To The Claim
  • Mobile Online Claim Reporting
  • The Ability To Record The Accident Location Using The Google Maps Locator.  

The mobile version of My Claim Link, gives the user the freedom to collect the critical information at the time of the accident and store this information to complete a full claim at a later stage.

Highcross AutoServices’ SMS system works alongside the mobile site. When a user has recorded a set of new incident notes and has not submitted the full claim details, the service will prompt the user to return and complete their claim.  This ensures that all claims are reported promptly. 

Giving the user the ability to upload images from the roadside will help to show the circumstances of the accident the user has been involved in. It will give the client the opportunity to accurately show the positions of any other vehicle(s) involved, the road markings and the damage to their own vehicle and any  third party vehicle(s). These images can be used to assist in any liability investigations and to reduce the risk of fraudulent claims. 

Contact us for a quote and further information on how My Claim Link can benefit your organisation.